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Voice over IP Phone Services for the Small Office

Small offices can now have the newest technology VoIP phone service.

Save money over traditional phone service with Voice over IP. Great for small offices who need all phone lines to show one caller ID out.

VoIP Phone Services for the small office.

  • Local phone numbers available in 4000+ US rate centers
  • Unlimited* local and long distance dialing to any US phone
  • Single Greeting Voice Mail to Email (WAV format)
  • e911 emergency dialing (Required)


Individual VoIP Phone services for the small office!

VoIP Phone Service $35 per month per user $45 Activation

Add the professional image to your business with a SIP Virtual Receptionist

  • Route calls to your VoIP or mobile phones from one number
  • General voice mailbox for office
  • Multiple outgoing greetings for different times of the day
  • Unlimited extensions
Virtual Receptionist $40 per month $55 Activation

* View our policies for restrictions.

Phone Equipment:
We do not supply any phone equipment and do not program equipment.

We recommend that you talk with an IT person about your office network and internet service before purchasing phone equipment.

Get your Polycom Installation GuideMany of our clients use the Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 in their offices. Documentation for setup with our system is available here.


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