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Single Greeting Business Voice Mail to Email

Improve your customer service by responding more quickly to your customers.
Consistantly professional image for your business.

Single Greeting Voice Mail to EmailYour Voice Mail outgoing greeting will sound clear, consistent and professional to your caller. You will be sent the actual voice message to hear on your computer. You get your message even if your phone lines are all busy. Respond to your callers more quickly.Start receiving your message in your email.

Your customers will hear a professional greeting before leaving their message. The outgoing greeting can be as brief as you like or have information about your business like your hours, web address, fax number or other information they may be calling for.

Included features:

  • Unlimited voice messages
  • Messages sent to up to three different email addresses simultaneously
  • Messages sent in WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments
  • Notification for all messages or only messages marked "Urgent"
  • SMS notification to your cell phone including your callers Caller ID
  • Retrieve your messages via phone or the Internet
  • Outgoing greeting in male or female voice
  • 24/7 access to our web portal
  • 100 minutes access time per month (4.9ยข per minute after)


Business Voice Mail to Email $20* per month!

How it works:

  • You give us some information about how you would like your business to sound
  • We program a system and record your outgoing greeting
  • We contact your dial tone provider and setup the call forwarding

Web Portal:
Our web portal is your access to make changes to your system 24/7. Using the web portal you can:

  • Change the email addresses where your messages are sent
  • Download and listen to your messages
  • Delete messages or mark them as "played"
  • Change your notifications
  • Generate a call activity report which includes all call data for 90 days
  • Change your password

* Activation:
One time activation fee of $25 will be included with first invoice.


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