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The Phone System for Small Offices

Give your callers the information they want or let them reach the person they need when your office lines are busy or you can't answer.

No equipment to buy, install or maintain. Works with your current equipment and phone service provider.

Medical Receptionist

Receptionist busy phone

Office Virtual Receptionist

Consistent professional voice messaging and call routing for offices with only one or just a few phone lines. Improve your customer service without buying new equipment or changing phone service providers with Voice Mail to Email for individuals or departments. Give your callers information or let them reach you on your cell phone with one touch.

Office Virtual Receptionist

Entrepreneur and partner systems

Entrepreneur and Partner System

One central phone number with extensions to reach you and your partners or staff cell phones. No need to have a land line. Give your virtual phone number out as your office number.

Entrepreneur Virtual Receptionist

Realtor on Cell

Custom Voice Services for Any Profession

Around the clock call management for professions that take urgent calls. The automated Answering Service for medical offices, property management, real estate offices, insurance agencies, plumbers and other professions. No need to have your caller hang up and dial another number anymore.

Custom Voice Service Details

Voice mail to email

Voice Mail to Email

Replace your answering machine or phone company Voice Mail with this proactive messaging system. Inexpensive and feature rich, this service will improve your customer service by sending the message to your email and instantly notifying you of a message.

Voice Messaging Services


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You'll be surprised at how affordable a Virtual Receptionist for your office can be. Give us a little information about your business and what you would like and we'll put together a quote.

Voice Mail to Email

Voice messages delivered to your email as MP3 audio attachments

Call Announce

Be alerted of a business call before being connected and have the option to take the call or not

Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited staff and department extensions to route calls easily

Professional Greetings

Custom professionally recorded outgoing greetings

Urgent Call Forward

Callers with urgent situations can press one options and do not have to hang up and redial

Web Portal

Make changes to your system and listen to messages online

Greeting Scheduling

Greetings and programming change automatically

Cascading Notification

After a message is taken a multi step process can be initiated to contact a staff person to respond

Call Activity Reports

Generate reports to keep track of your office call activity

Totally Virtual Phone System No Equipment to Buy Install or Maintain!

All Call Technologies is a TOTALLY Virtual Phone System. There is no equipment installed in your office and no changing of your current phone carrier. And, it works better than an internal phone system because it works even when all of your phone lines are all busy!


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