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Virtual Receptionist Options for the Office

Office Virtual Receptionist answers your calls when your lines are busy.During your business day, when you're on the phone your All Call Technologies Virtual Receptionist will always answer your calls with a consistent professional greeting that gives your callers the options they want. Outgoing greetings are professionally recorded with a male or female voice and programmed to your specifications.

Office backup attendant

Backup Attendant Virtual Receptionist

Our Most Popular System!

The Backup Attendant only takes call when your office lines are busy or not answered. Calls are forwarded to the system from your office replacing your Voice Mail. More powerful than regular Voice Mail the Backup Attendant can give your callers information about your business, forward their call to another number or have multiple voice mailboxes.

Backup Attendant

Receptionist small office

Auto Attendant Virtual Receptionist

The Auto Attendant plays a menu greeting immediately when they call. Caller has options to reach the person they are calling for or get information about about the business. To reach someone in the office the caller makes a selection. Reduces the office call volume.

Auto Attendant

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