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Unlimited SMS Text Using Your Virtual Phone Number

Chat using your virtual phone number from your office computer, tablet or smart phone.

SMS Text iChat

SMS with iPhone to computerYour SMS enabled virtual phone number allows you to chat with your customer from your computer, tablet or phone*. Move from one device to another and the conversation continues seamlessly.. Now your clients can contact you via text to your computer.

Work with your customer using a chat window on your computer screen. Reduce the on hold time for customer support and on-call staff.

  • Support Staff
  • On Call Medical
  • Real estate sales

Keep your personal cell phone number private while distributing your virtual contact number with SMS capabilities.

Add SMS Text to your All Call Technologies Virtual Phone Number**


SMS Text $15 per month $25 Activation

* Additional software or app required and not supported, supplied or sold by All Call Technologies
** Not available on all phone numbers


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